Toldy App

Toldy App is a cross-platform mobile application that allows users to record and send digital messages to the future with a pre-set delivery date, ensuring secure data encryption and distributed storage. The app also offers physical storage solutions and Toldy Keys (QR/NFC cards) for convenient access to digital messages and emotional values without the need for the recipient's phone number or email address.

You can download the Toldy app for free on iOS or Android devices.

After installing the app, you can enjoy all its main features, including adding Toldy Box, adding Toldy Key, and much more.

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Toldy Key

Toldy Key is a unique physical product specially designed for the Toldy app. It is a card with a unique QR code and NFC, allowing users to record new messages or add to existing ones directly in the Toldy app. This innovative product also provides easy access to digital content sent through Toldy. Users can simply scan the QR code or use NFC technology on the Toldy Key to retrieve messages, ensuring that messages are delivered according to set conditions and at the right time, making the interaction process even more convenient and straightforward.


Toldy Box

One of the key features of Toldy is the ability to send physical items into the future, to any date within 30 years. To ensure this functionality, the Toldy team has developed exclusive specialized Toldy Boxes for storage and gifting, which boast durability, confidentiality, and stylish design. These boxes are available in 4 sizes and can be used as gift packaging for sending items to another person, as well as for personal storage of important belongings. You can select a box directly in the Toldy App to add it to your message and use your digital messages alongside physical gifts.

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Toldy Key FAQ

What is the Toldy Digital Time Capsule?

Toldy Digital Time Capsule is a means to create and send into the future curated and personalized messages for your loved ones. It allows you to upload audio or video messages, set dates for when the message can be accessed, and ensure privacy when sending messages.

How do I use the Toldy Digital Time Capsule?

Download the Toldy app and start creating messages if you would like to send them. Refer to the user guide for any questions you might have.

If you purchased Toldy Box or Toldy Key, tap your phone on the NFC tag or scan the QR to start using them with your account.

To receive a message, please download the Toldy app and create an account to receive the message Refer to the user guide for more details.

If you happen to receive a Toldy Box or a Toldy Key, after installing the app, tap your phone on the NFC tag or scan the QR and enter a password if required to get access to the message.

What is the furthest delivery date I can choose?

You can schedule delivery for up to 30 years* from the day you send the message.

Can I send a Toldy Box or a Toldy Key as a gift without messages recorded in them?

Yes, you can send them as a gift to someone, so they can use them to create an account and start their own Toldy Digital Time Capsule or Physical Time Capsule, or use them for gifting.

How is the privacy of messages maintained?

Until the access date arrives, there are no means to access the message unless the sender has created an override code.*

Can I use a Digital Time Capsule to record messages in different languages?

Yes, you can record messages in any language you prefer; however, the user interface is only in English for now.

Can I change or delete a message after recording or sending it?

If the message has not been sent, you can edit or delete it. Unsent messages can be found in Drafts.

Once the message has been sent, you can only delete it up until the delivery date.

Where can I purchase the Toldy Key?

You can purchase it via the Toldy website or the Toldy app*.

Alternatively, Toldy Digital Time Capsule may be available at various outlets or online. The easiest place to purchase would be the official website,

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at

Toldy Box FAQ

What is a Toldy Physical Time Capsule?

It is an innovative way to create physical time capsules to preserve memories, messages, and gifts and send them to your loved ones in the future (from 1 day to 30 years).*

What are the sizes of Toldy Physical Time Capsules?

There are four different sizes to choose from to cater to different customer needs. You can check out the sizes in the order section.

What can I preserve in the Toldy Physical Time Capsule?

Think of physical photos, letters, gifts, souvenirs, and other sentimental items that have emotional value to you and that you would like to pass on to your loved ones with a bit of a personal story or narration.

Where will the Toldy Physical Time Capsule be stored?

At any time, you can leave the box in Toldy Care* if the service is available in your region. Toldy Care is a secure Toldy storage facility. Upon arrival, the Toldy Box will be x-rayed and additionally packaged and sealed to protect the box against exposure to the environment.

What part does the Toldy app play in all this?

The Toldy app allows you to connect a physical time capsule with a digital time capsule or a message/file. You can record audio or video messages and add important media files that will be delivered alongside your Toldy Physical Time Capsule.

How do I choose the recipient of the Time Capsule?

You can select the recipient in the Toldy app. This could be a family member, a friend, anyone you know, or even yourself.

Can I provide an exact delivery date for time capsules?

Yes, you can specify the exact delivery or select the event* you want the time capsule to be delivered. If the box is in Toldy Care, we will ensure delivery on time.

What if I want to change the delivery date of the time capsule?

You can fully control the time capsule through the Toldy mobile app. You can make changes to the delivery date if necessary up until you send it. Once the Time Capsule is sent, you cannot change the delivery date.

How can I monitor the status of my capsules over time?

You can track the status of the capsule over time through the Toldy application; complete information about delivery status and other details will be provided.

What are some examples of events that would be ideal for creating a Physical Toldy Time Capsule?

Anniversaries, graduations, weddings, birthdays, baby showers—the list is endless.

How can I find out more or order a Toldy Physical Time Capsule?

For more information and to order, please visit our website at

Others FAQ

What is the maximum storage size of Toldy Digital Time Capsule?

We prefer not to measure Toldy Digital Time Capsule in storage size, as Toldy is a messaging service rather than file storage. However, if you are wondering about maximum ‘storage size’ there is no limit, if you ever run out of your storage included in the subscription, you can always top it up.

What if my recipient does not have a phone or an email?

In this case, Toldy Digital Time Capsule would be ideal for delivering anything Toldy with just a Key and a password.*

What if a new technology comes and our existing assets are in an old format?

Toldy will keep up with technology as it progresses. It is not uncommon to transcode between formats on devices even now.

What happens to my emotional assets if I am unable to pay my subscription?

We will be reaching out to you to rectify the situation, however, if the payment fails within 90 days, the
data will be irretrievably destroyed, as for physical assets in Toldy Care* we will follow your instructions set at the time of sending.

Are Toldy Boxes, including the contents, insured under Toldy Care?

Yes, but for up to $2000, as the service is meant for Emotional Assets and it is hard to put a valuation on them.

What is the location of the Toldy Care storage facility?

We prefer not to disclose the exact location for security reasons; however, when we announce Toldy Care* availability for certain countries, it will be in the region.

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