Toldy Box

  • Smart Box equiped with unique QR and NFC.
  • Store your mementos in the Toldy Box.
  • Link your Toldy Box to your message in the Toldy App using QR or NFC.
  • Recipients can use built in QR or NFC to unlock the message linked to the Toldy Box.
  • Store at home, deliver yourself or by a courier of your choice.
  • Gift wrapping paper, paper seals, and tamper-evident seals are included.
  • Extra-durable packaging.
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Toldy Box
Toldy Box
Toldy Box
Toldy Box
Toldy Box
Toldy Box
Toldy Box


  • Timely Message Delivery

    Up to 30 Years into the future

  • Easy to Link

    Using the Toldy App simply link your message to the Toldy Key for ease of access in the future.

  • Set the Time Condition

    Using the Toldy App simply link set the time condition for delivery.

  • Tap to Receive

    Hover your phone over a Toldy Key or scan the QR code to access the message according to the sender's conditions.

How Does It Work?

  • Download The Toldy App

    Start your journey by downloading the Toldy App to preserve and share your precious moments and memories now.

  • Link The Toldy Key or Box

    Link a specific message in the Toldy App to your Toldy Key. The recipient would be able to acess the message easier by scanning the Toldy Key or Box.

  • Reveal Your Story in Time

    Your message will be delivered to the recipient upon meeting the conditions pre-set exclusively by you in the Toldy App.

Use Cases

  • Relationship Memories

    Toldy Time Capsules offer couples an effortless way to preserve their journey together. From the first date to special anniversaries, Toldy captures important moments and cherished memories, allowing them to reminisce for years to come. As time passes, your message becomes a lot more meaningful, adding depth and nostalgia to the relationship.

  • You'll Be Heard

    In moments when words fail or emotions overwhelm, Toldy is there to capture the unspoken. Whether it's sentiments too tender to voice or dreams too daring to utter, Toldy offers a sanctuary for your deepest thoughts. Simply record your message and entrust it to Toldy time capsule. As time unfolds, revisit these unspoken words, allowing them to resonate with newfound clarity and significance. Let Toldy be the keeper of your untold stories, ready to share them with you when the time is right.

  • Family Legacy

    With Toldy Time Capsules, individuals can immortalize their legacy, weaving together a tapestry of memories and cherished secrets to be passed down through the ages. Every tradition, every story, every milestone captured becomes a thread in the fabric of family history, connecting generations in an unbreakable bond of love and understanding. As each cherished moment is preserved, so too is the essence of family unity, ensuring that the legacy of today becomes the inspiration for tomorrow's dreams.

  • Personal Milestones

    Toldy time capsule is perfect for commemorating personal milestones such as graduations, birthdays, or anniversaries. You can capture your thoughts, achievements, and memorable moments to revisit them in the future.