How can Toldy benefit your customers?

  • Event management

    We offer a unique way to capture and cherish memories, delivered in the future.

  • Videographers

    Capture special moments during shoots and surprise clients or their loved ones with personalized memories delivered years later.

  • AgeTech

    Share messages across generations, bridging gaps and preserving legacies for years to come.

  • Marketing and Business Gifting

    Utilize Toldy to send personalized messages and gifts tailored to specific events and times. Ideal for product launch campaigns and business gifting.

Partner for Added Value

At Toldy, we offer partnership opportunities to seamlessly integrate our services, enhancing your offerings and delighting your customers. Whether in hospitality, event planning, or any other sector, our customizable packages meet your needs. From incorporating our app into events to offering memory preservation, we can create a synergy that sets you apart from competition.

Our Guarantee

  • Privacy & Security

    Your data is secured with advanced encryption

  • Timley Delivery

    We will deliver the messege on your pre-set conditions

  • Premium User Experience

    Intuitive, easy to use interface and exceptional support

  • Try Risk Free

    Toldy App features 3 months free trial with annual subscription

Trust, Security, and Innovation

Toldy inspires trust through its reliability, data security, and innovative approach to memory preservation. The platform ensures high-level protection of user information and user-friendly simplicity, making it accessible to all. The Toldy team is also prepared to offer support and assistance to users, providing full control over their time capsules and creating a unique and unforgettable experience for preserving important moments for future generations

Become a partner

We are always open to new partnership opportunities and ready to discuss various collaboration options that can be mutually beneficial. Our goal is to create partnerships that contribute to mutual growth and success. Contact us today to learn more about partnership opportunities with Toldy!

Become a Partner