Preserve and Share with Toldy!

An easy yet unique way to preserve your emotional assets, both physical and digital, and sending them for up to 30 years* into the future to connect with your loved ones through distance and time.

Use Toldy Box as a unique gifting solution. Send any gift packed in the Toldy Box linked to your personalized message. Let Toldy help you deliver your message, even if you are not there!

  • Share Your Love Now!

    Send your gifts, boxes, and messages with Toldy!

  • Delivering moments on time, every time

    Select the time or an event, like an anniversary or marriage* for your message, box, or gift delivery.

  • All in one App

    Everything is managed via the Toldy App.

Moments Worth Preserving and Sharing

Seamlessly link physical items in the Toldy box to your personalized messages, photos, videos, files, and anything else intended for the recipient. Whether you are planning to use it as a gift box to send it away to a different city or want to preserve your memories for future generations, Toldy makes sure that your personalized message is available to play when the box gets delivered to the intended recipient.

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How Does It Work?



    Pack your emotional assets worth delivering to your loved ones with Toldy. Pack and box your gift. Compose a message to go along with the box.


    Set Conditions

    Specify delivery time or condition* for your box and message delivery within the Toldy App.



    Let Toldy deliver a special moment to your loved ones when the time is right. Just make sure that you send the Toldy box on time.

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