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Toldy Smart Box

Perfect for Christmas or any Special Occasion, the Toldy Smart Box transforms your present into a memorable, emotional journey.

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Product Description

This innovative smart box, equipped with a QR code and NFC tag, allows you to craft and link a personalized gift, complete with audio and video, through our easy-to-use Toldy App.

As soon as your loved one receives their Toldy Smart Box, a simple scan or tap reveals your special message, bringing an extra touch of love and surprise to their gift.

Make your next gift unforgettable.


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Toldy Smart Box
Toldy Smart Box
Toldy Smart Box
Toldy Smart Box
Toldy Smart Box
Toldy Smart Box
Toldy Smart Box
Toldy Smart Box
Toldy Smart Box

What is Toldy Smart Box?

  • Emotional Gifting: Create a unique gifting experience with Toldy.
  • Personalize Easily: Link your gift with a personalized message in the Toldy App.
  • Surprise on Arrival: Loved ones unlock your message linked to the Toldy Smart Box.

How Does It Work?

  • Select a box size and order the Toldy Box for your gift.

  • Download the Toldy App.

  • When your Toldy Smart Box arrives, assemble it and use QR or NFC to link it to your message in the Toldy App.

  • Once ready, send the message & send the box via your chosen courier.

  • The recipient unlocks your message in the Toldy App via QR or NFC when the box arrives.

Download the Toldy App

Toldy Box Use Cases

  • Gifting with Toldy Smart Box

  • Toldy Smart Box as a Gift

  • Toldy Smart Box as a Time Capsule

  • When your Toldy Smart Box arrives, you can easily pack your thoughtful present for your loved ones inside it.
  • Hop onto the Toldy App to craft a personalized message for them, that surely will warm their hearts.
  • To make it truly memorable, consider adding some cherished photos or even recording a heartfelt video for the lucky recipient.
  • Link your Toldy Smart Box to that heartfelt message and hit send. It's the perfect way to spread joy and love!
  • Don't forget to send the Toldy Smart Box with your gift via the courier of your choice and make your gift-giving experience even more special!
  • Toldy Smart Box makes for the perfect gift!
  • Give it to someone special, so they can create their very own charming personalized gift for their loved ones.

Stay tuned! The feature is coming in 2024


What is inside the Toldy Smart Box?

Your Toldy Smart Box will arrive in a neat, flat-packed form, ready for some easy assembly fun! Don’t worry, every step of the way is clearly outlined in the manual tucked inside the box.

Inside the package, you will find:

  • QR and NFC-enabled Toldy Box.
  • New Zealand-themed wrapping paper
  • Round stickers for the gift wrapping.
  • Secure tamper-evident stickers to secure the box from the outside.

For what date should I schedule the message delivery?

We recommend setting the date as far as the future as possible, which, at the moment, is the 31st of January 2024.

When the recipient receives the Box, they can unlock the message before that date by using the QR or NFC.

In 2024, we will be introducing the concept of a Time Capsule. At that point, the delivery date will be limited to 30 years into the future and can be made mandatory by the sender. Please stay tuned.

I have received a gift in a Toldy Smart Box. How do I unlock the message?

You should receive an email from the Toldy Team ( or an SMS text message. If you can't find the email, please check the spam folder.

Please download the Toldy App and use that email or phone number to register with Toldy.

Once registered, use the QR or NFC to access the message. The scan button is located at the top right of your home screen and looks like this: [-]


"Toldy Boxes allowed me to send my grandmother a piece of my heart, and it arrived just when she needed it the most. This is priceless!"


"I'm impressed by Toldy's app ease of use. Took me minutes to register and create and send my first message."


"Toldy made gifting so personal and convenient. I can't wait to surprise my sister who lives in Europe this Christmas!"


"Toldy is a game-changer. I surprised my best friend on his birthday, even though I was miles away!"


"Toldy has become an integral part of how I stay connected with my family. The quality and thought behind each box is remarkable."